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So, how have I been you ask? Well.. since you insist, let me just get to the point:

I’m Engaged!

I still have to pinch myself each time I say those words. I am undeniably ecstatic about this entire ordeal. I must however say that it didn’t just happen. I’ve had to keep this news under wraps for about two weeks now! Do you have any idea how challenging that was?! But I had to honor the wishes of my now FIANCE (pardon my ever so often mention of this term throughout this post, LOL). Brandon wanted to make the official announcement at our church this past Sunday. Hence, we only told a few of our closest family members and friends prior to the actual announcement. If you’d like to hear more about the details of how everything went down as well as an accumulation of pictures over the past two weeks, keep reading.

WARNING: I am still currently buzzing with uncontrollable excitement. Therefore, I take full responsibility for the length of this post. Read at your own risk!

To be honest, after sharing my excitement with my friends and family, I could not wait to share the news with you all. In continuing with this whole honesty trend, I must admit that this will not be one of those completely off guard-out of the blue-surprise, surprise type of stories. But before I get into the actual proposal, a brief history on my fiance and I.


Brandon and I officially met back when I was 18 in 2011 when I first came to Florida for school. We were actually neighbors until a few months ago when I had to move. I met him for the first time when he came to my Aunts’ house because the both families were pretty close. At the time, I had no desire for a serious relationship, and neither did he. Little did we know, God clearly had something else in mind. It just so happened that we all went to the same church as well. After a few months of being there, Brandon found a slick way of asking for my number (I won’t get into that story because he loves to lie about it himself, LOL). But to cut this short, I was at our church’s singles meeting for the first time and realized he wasn’t there. So I randomly just messaged him to ask why, and BAM! We’ve spoken everyday since then for almost 4 years now. Of course, it’s obviously not that simple. There are a bunch of other details and insight into our relationship that I’ll make an entirely different post on. So for now, let’s just stick to the good stuff.


Now time to explain what I meant when I said it was no surprise. Brandon and I have been seriously talking about marriage for about a year and a half now. However, we had a few rough spots and obstacles that we had to work through to get to this point. In January of this year, he expressed his desires to move forward and take the next step. After asking my Dad for his blessing, we both sat down with our parents and talked everything through. So while I didn’t know exactly when it was happening, I knew it was coming soon. Anyways, here’s how it happened:

We both went to Jamaica over the Easter break for my grandpa’s 90th birthday party, as well as to look around a bit at different possible locations for the big day. On April 1st, we were looking at different places with my parents. As we were about to leave the venue we loved the most, my Dad said he wanted to take a picture of us in front of the fountain before we left. Seeing that I’m all for pictures, I thought nothing of it. So there we were, smiling from ear to ear posing for the picture. We finished, and I proceeded to walk away. Then I heard Brandon say “hold up Tiff, you forgot something.” When I turned around, I saw him reaching for something. At this point, I’m practically losing my mind– IS BRANDON REALLY ABOUT TO PROPOSE RIGHT NOW?!? I see him reach for that little special box and immediately start feeling all sorts of knots in my stomach. He asked me if I know that he loves me, got down on his knee, and popped the question. I don’t even remember saying yes or not. I was too busy being consumed by 300,000 emotions all at once! I just remember throwing myself in his arms, while he sweetly whispered, “I told you I got you.” I am still being teased about how giddy I was. The moment was filled with way more laughs than tears. It was perfect–Unexpected like he wanted it to be, and simple and beautiful like I wanted it to be. All in all, I am extremely delighted to know that God loves me enough to have blessed me with the opportunity to spend my life with such a great man.


Ever since then, we have already been planning our big day, and had a great time at our engagement dinner at his house on Sunday afternoon with family and friends. I will definitely be sharing this journey with you. Everything from wedding colors right down to the actual day. Keep looking out for more posts to come on the planning process.

Jamaica, Jamaica – 03/31/15

Day Of Proposal (Location) – 04/01/15

I will try and post the proposal video soon.

Official Announcement – 04/12/15

Engagement Dinner – 04/12/15

Theme: Yes, you guessed it: Tiffany Blue


Tons of professional pictures coming soon!

Until Next Time..


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