Will this matter in a year?

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As I sit here I can distinctly remember 3 things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it out of last year. There were times when I would question everything, in hopes of finding an answer as to why my life was going left when I had set it out to go right. So I did what most of us do when we’re faced with problems..

I cried. I screamed. I questioned God. I became a broken down version of myself. I hated myself. I hated life.

Now looking back, I’m forced to wonder what would have been the end result if I chose the better path, the one that very few enter when their bombarded with trials. What If I had smiled instead? Or chosen to see the “bright side” of the picture. What If rather that questioning God, I thanked him? What would have happened if during those times I became the best version of myself?

Now I know this may sound crazy or even impossible some may argue, but I’ve been learning how crucial it is to not let your problems consume you. It’s funny because we all have those situations when we feel completely hopeless and we sit around watching our life pass us by. But then another week passes by and we start feeling better, then a month or two…and then a year. A year passed by and we made it… That thing that was such a huge part of our life no longer dwells in our immediate space.

So maybe you’re not quite at that point in your life, but if you are I just had to tell you to stop sweating the small stuff. If that thing that’s causing you to lose sleep won’t matter in a year (and most times it won’t) then stop letting it control you. I know you’ve been told time and time again to just let it go and you laugh in your head thinking “that’s easier said than done,” BUT it can be done.

So the next time you feel trapped in your own problems, keep in mind that you’re possibly giving your energy to something that will no longer be relevant a few months down the line. Don’t be discouraged, you WILL make it through. Just like every other time before. Let’s continue to pray each other through difficulties, being comforted in knowing that we’re able to cast our burdens in the hands of Jesus. He’ll handle it from there!

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    July 15, 2015 at 10:32 pm

    I love this. .I need this motivation u actually made my day cause this exactly how I fee..

    • Reply
      July 15, 2015 at 11:40 pm

      I’m so glad I could help ! Stay encouraged love. I’m sure you will be just fine. (:

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