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So a lil’ change never hurt nobody right? I thought I’d switch things up a bit for today’s post. If you know me then you know that food is my middle name! It’s crazy that I’ve never really posted anything about the one thing that makes my heart so happy! Lol. But even though I’m such a fat kid at heart, I remember how difficult it was during College to stay on a proper and consistent meal plan. Now that I’m out of school and getting into the work world, I realize the same habit slowly trailing me. To be honest, if you see the way I eat you would probably think I’ve been making up my entire wedding! Let’s all bow our heads as we pray I fit into my dress! Lol

With just about 3 months away from my big day, I’ve decided it’s about full time I start eating right! I’m by no stretch of the imagination eligible to be on top chef or anything so believe me when I say these meals are fast and convenient to make for ANYONE! Luckily my Mama is here this week and with the help of herself along with my Mom in Law to be, we got each meal done in under 15 mins! They all turned out great and were extremely filling. Perfect for those long days when you’re on the run and need to be out the door in no time.


1) Breakfast: Fruit Salad & Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Egg Instructions found here!


2) Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad Wrap

Never tried fruits in your wrap? You’re missing out!


3) Dinner: Salmon w/ Herb Crusted Potatoes

Salmon is the perfect healthy choice to incorporate protein in your diet. Skip the rice and try making some herb/cheese crusted potatoes!




What are some of your favorite recipes? Please do share — (Nothing too hard though, I’m still learning!) 🙂


Until Next Time…


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