5 ways to tell your partner is not the one

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There’s something to be said about being publicly happy and privately miserable in a relationship. I’ve come across so many people who are so wrapped up in the idea of having the “ideal relationship” that they will put up with almost anything in the name of appearing to have it all together. We spend so much time thinking about the characteristics we want in our partner and placing so much emphasis on finding “the one,” that we often forget that it’s just as easy to figure out when someone isn’t the one.

Let’s just be real for a moment, take the mask off and get down to the real issues you may be facing. There are some red flags that can’t be ignored, some deal breakers that should make you run, FAST. Here’s a list of 5 ways to tell if your Mr/Ms. Right is even right for you at all:

1) There’s No Respect

You may be thinking–DUH. This is something we all should know right. It’s one of those things our parents drill in us from an early age. “Don’t ever be with someone who can’t respect you.” Yet, you’d be surprised how many people get too comfortable in their relationship to even recognize the utter disrespect their partner shows them. Whether they constantly tell their friends how much of a nag you are, complain to their family about how much they can’t see a future with you or constantly embarrass you in public– these are just a few of the things that are clear signs of disrespect. Don’t stand for it, walk away.

2) You can’t be yourself

If it’s one thing we all love to say about our best friend, it would be that we can always be ourself around them. This should be no different in your relationship. If you find yourself acting completely different around your partner than how you are with your friends, that’s a pretty good sign that you may be wasting your time. Love should always equate to freedom. So if you’re in a situation where you constantly feel on edge and have to be walking on eggshells, I suggest you do yourself a favor and keep it moving.

3) You can’t trust them

This is a BIG one. I know you’ve been taught that without trust you have nothing. Ever wonder why that’s so hard to actually implement in your own life though? You see it’s crazy because you know that your partner has done so many shady things in the past that warrants you to feel this way. But we still hang on thinking something will change. I’m sorry to say, but in most cases it probably won’t. Lack of trust leads to constant doubt and questioning everything your partner does, and take it from me– that’s no way to live.

4) Your interest levels are completely different

I’m no relationship expert or anything, but let me tell you this– If someone wants to be with you, they’ll show you. If you realize you’ve been giving 100% while your partner is satisfied with only giving 50% then you’re going down a dangerous path. The beauty of any “ideal” relationship lies in the common interest showed by BOTH people involved. One person should never be doing more than the other. If your partner is never calling, never initiating dates, always “too busy” or simply doesn’t show interest in your daily life–chances are there’s someone better out there for you. Open your eyes.

5) You have a gut feeling

We’ve all been in situations where we know in our hearts of hearts that something just doesn’t feel right. Rather than ignoring it, embrace it for what it is. Intuition is something that should never be ignored. Take all the signs you’ve seen and quit making excuses for your partner. Remember this: love may be many things, but it’s never unsure.


What are some other ways you can tell your significant other may not be significant after all?? Let’s talk about it! 🙂


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