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I had the pleasure of witnessing the marriage of my cousin last December and I haven’t seen a more beautiful wedding! I’m pretty sure come December 12th I’ll be saying otherwise though (Lol.) But anyhoo, I’ve watched them for the past year grow together as a couple and I admire them greatly for the genuine love between them. Both being under 30, I decided to pick their their brain a bit about their journey so far. Here’s what they had to say:

1) What’s your favorite thing about being married?

Tanya:  “I would have to say my favorite thing about being married is never falling asleep alone. Having someone to fall asleep beside is something I look forward to throughout all my days. His warmth, his scent, his way of cuddling me–I wouldn’t trade his presence for any amount of money in the world. It’s basically like having a never ending sleepover with my very best friend.”

2) What’s one thing you’ve learned during your first year of marriage that you never thought about before?

Tanya:  “One thing I’ve learned during my first year of marriage that I never thought about before is letting “the man be the man”. I have always been a very independent person and I pride myself in accomplishing many things a man would do. I’m now experiencing how important it is to allow the man in my life to take on the man role. Whether it’s putting oil in my car or connecting our new cable box, I have learned  that a man’s self-esteem is directly associated with how much they can do for their partner.”

3) What’s your biggest piece of advice for young couples getting married?

 Jason: “Talk, Talk, Talk! Talk through disagreements and be there to talk to your partner when they need you. We all hear that communication is important and I absolutely agree. Communicating with your partner is not only beneficial for strengthening relationships, but also for getting to know each other better.”


I’d love to hear your thoughts as well, Let’s chat! 🙂

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