Four ways to ensure a productive week

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Who said Mondays have to be a drag?? I know we all have experienced a case of Monday blues a few times, but it’s so unfortunate that so many people believe that once Monday rolls around, their whole world crashes. On the other hand, I love the freshness that the new week brings. It’s a chance to get things right, accomplish new goals and add some sparkle to someone’s life. I have found that happiness is definitely a choice. If we walk around with the mindset that we’re about to have another dull and unsatisfying week, then that’s certainly what we’ll end up with. What about trying to do the opposite? I’ve had enough off weeks to know exactly what I did that made me feel like I accomplished nothing when the weekend came. As a result, I’ve managed to change a few things around, including my mindset that has caused for more productive weeks filled with happiness and fulfillment.

Here are 4 ways you can kickstart your week the right way. I guarantee you’ll notice a difference by Friday or you’ll get your money back! Lol.



1) Practice Good Weekend Habits

I know it’s easy to get into the relaxation mode of the weekend extremely quickly. However, if you get certain errands out of the way from early on in the weekend, come Monday you’ll be glad you did. Also, you can start creating a list of everything you need to get done in the upcoming week so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to get organized on Monday morning.


2) Have Daily Devotions

Anyone who does this can attest to how amazing you feel after spending some time with God in the mornings. Every time I do this, I feel renewed and refreshed for the day. I can tackle any challenge that comes my way during the week knowing that I have a God who is fighting all my battles. Simply listen to a few gospel songs, read some scriptures that apply to whatever situation you’re in and then say a prayer asking God to order your steps throughout the week and grant you peace.


3) Set Goals

Planning ahead for your week is a sure way to eliminate stress and focus on all you have to get done. Personally, I love creating to do lists and I do them every single day. I’ve proven it to be the most effective way for me to get things done. Ensure that you create a list with the most important things on the top. That way you work hard to tackle those things first and get them out the way. It’s important to also set deadlines for your goal and make a specific schedule as to when you want to get each item on your list checked off.


4) Celebrate

Acknowledging your small successes are just as important as acknowledging your big wins. If you overcame a challenge, completed your to do list or impacted someone’s life positively, go out and celebrate! Don’t be so hard on yourself that you focus solely on what you didn’t get done in the week. Be proud of your achievements and treat yo’ self ! And if you happen to be in my area, I’ll tag along ! 🙂


What are your favorite things to do to ensure a productive week? Let’s talk about it!


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