Free Write: “I Wonder”


As my mind wanders, I wonder about you…

I wonder if I’ve made a home in your thoughts the way you’ve dwelled in mine,

I wonder if you’ve even thought about a home, like the one I envision with you.

I wonder if when you stare at me, it’s really the depths of my love you see,

For you, a love that keeps growing daily.

What would happen if you took a walk in my shoe?

Let’s trade places for a minute,

I wonder how you’d feel waiting up on me,

For a call that won’t ever come,

A goodnight message that I’m probably sending to someone else,

I wonder how you’d feel if you looked at my soul and saw an empty space where you should be.

How would you handle not receiving compliments?

How would you receive my lips filled with lies?

Like the lies you’ve told me while you lay right next to me.

I wonder what you’d do with those tears you’d cry,

Would you let them fall, or helplessly try to keep them inside?

Most of all, I wonder what you’d do with a love that wasn’t reciprocated,

That’s the worst kind they say..

Like if I didn’t fight, would you fight back?

If I didn’t push, would you pull away?

If I promised to never leave, but did anyway,

Then what?

I wonder..

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