My New Year Prayer for You

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I know it has become quite customary for each new year to be associated with new resolutions, but I figured rather than boring you with a cliché list of goals and dreams for myself, I’d share my hope for you:

 It is my sincere hope that 2015 brings you ultimate joy. Not the kind that the media sells to you through fallacies and fantasies, but the kind that God himself literally places within you.

It is this same God with whom I pray you form an even deeper relationship with. You see, if 2014 has taught me anything, it is that once you decide to fully commit your life to Christ, everything will work itself out.

I hope that while everything is falling into place, you will recognize that there will be bad days to face and seemingly impossible obstacles to overcome. Nonetheless, I pray that in these moments, you are engulfed in peace.

In attaining peace, I pray that you learn to appreciate everything that 2015 throws at you. That means that on your good days, be grateful, and on your worse days, be even more grateful. I promise you, a heart filled with gratitude will produce a life filled with happiness.

I pray that your happiness is not dependent on anyone else, but that you wholeheartedly seek inner happiness that is birthed in a place of self-love and blossoms daily into a love for others.

I pray that the people you encounter in this new year will inspire you to maximize your potential, and help shape you into your best self. Of course, we know that people may disappoint you, but please do not allow that to deter you from your ultimate destination. Learn the art of using each downfall to lift you up.

Overall, I pray that this new year will collide with your destiny, resulting in your best year yet. I pray that you will touch lives, renew your faith and discover that you are strong, bold and powerful. I pray for good health, and even wealth. I declare that your desires will be met and your dreams will be fulfilled. Now, walk into this new year declaring these things with me. and you will experience a year like no other.

This I pray, in Jesus’ name,


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