The Trouble With Time

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I stumbled upon this quote the other day, and it resonated with me. I instantly began thinking of the several ways in which we squander our time. The thing is, we often think (young people in particular) that we have a hold on time, as if we control it. As a result of that mentality, we often use words such as ‘tomorrow’, ‘someday’ or ‘eventually’ to describe when we will accomplish certain goals. My question to you is simple: What exactly are you waiting for? You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t make a move now. I’ve realized that time is fleeting. It is not on our sides. It will not wait for us, and it is certainly not continuous. It will end.

I thought of 3 major categories in which I think we can all relate:

1) Giving your life to God

Growing up in the church, this is definitely something I see all the time. Someone goes to church one day, hears this beautiful sermon that truly touched them. They begin crying because of God’s overwhelming presence. The Preacher then asks, ‘who wants to give their life to the Lord today?’ I find that those same people, the same ones who cannot deny that they felt a pull on their heart will always be the first to deny Christ as their savior. Most times it’s not that they didn’t want to, it’s that they think they have more time. I think we fail to recognize that the promise of tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. I suggest that the next time you find yourself in this situation, that you do not hesitate, not for a minute. There are choices that we will make throughout our lives that may cause an overwhelming sense of regret. Believe me when I tell you that surrendering your life to God will never be one of them. You do not have to have it “all together” before giving God your life. Come to him as you are, cast your burdens on him and let him take care of you.

2) Pursuing your dreams

There are some cases when life throws you a curve ball or two, and it forces you to step back. Sometimes it gets to a point where you may even need to create a new dream or start working on your plan B. There are however those times when you’re simply procrastinating. You have this great dream, but you’re holding yourself back because of personal doubts or discouraging words from those around you. There is no golden rule that states you have to have everything you need to begin working towards achieving your goals. This is where I believe we go wrong. We think that the time has to ‘be right’, or that you have to be able to see the finish line before you start the race. Could it be that you need not to see it, but just envision it? If you can at least imagine all you could attain, then you can begin taking the necessary steps towards that goal. Of course it will not happen overnight, but the more you put it off is the longer you’ll be dissatisfied with your present state. Please don’t make the mistake of wasting time in school. Though the Education system has its flaws, it is still a great way to gain knowledge and cultivate your skills. Use every piece of information your learn to your advantage. You’re already there, why not make the best of it? Also, spend less time complaining about the dullness of your 9-5 job and begin discovering ways that you can turn your passion into your full time career. This is not to say that it is not sometimes necessary to engage in job fillers to provide for your family and stay afloat with bills. However, become more active in the pursuit of your own dream. Always remember what they say: “Don’t ever put off for tomorrow what you can do today.”

3) Relationships

I am pretty sure we have all experienced or observed this. The reason why many people find themselves in what looks like a relationship without the actual title or commitment is because they have most likely been promised an “eventually.” “We will be together eventually.” It’s a childish excuse to continue wasting someone else’s time because you won’t allow yourself to fully commit. There are people who would rather string someone along receiving all the benefits of a relationship without being willing to commit to the person. This is the easiest way to escape when the person no longer serves as a boost to your ego or you simply want to move on to what you think is the next best thing. One of the worst things you can do is waste someone else’s time. If you’re with someone who you see a future with, don’t be fooled into thinking that they will always stick around until you are ready. On the other hand, if you find yourself in a toxic relationship and you see absolutely no possibility of it getting better, save yourself the agony and walk away now. No amount of time can change the heart of someone who is just not ready.


In essence, it is imperative that we change this mentality of having all this time that we don’t even realize when it is passing us by. Each day we are blessed with opportunities that we either fail to notice or take for granted because we think another one will always be given to us. Sadly, this is not always the case. We must recognize the value of time, and how precious each minute is. Every moment counts. Make important decisions today that will benefit you in the future. Create a vision board for your life and actively chase those dreams. If you see time as what it truly is, then in time you will achieve everything you set out to do. What are the things that you’ve always wanted to do, but find yourself always putting off? Create a list and set practical deadlines to accomplish them. I assure you, better days are ahead!

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