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I remember being absolutely sure that I wanted to be a Lawyer. You know that question you get sometimes, the one that says “where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Well, without a doubt, my answer would always be “in the courtroom”. I never had to think twice, never once doubted my answer, until about a year and a half ago. When I first started University in 2011, I majored in Criminal Justice (no brainer, right?) I did it for the first year and realized that I wasn’t very fond of it. I mean my grades were good, but all I could think was that it wasn’t something I’d want to do for another 3 years of my life. I looked through all the available majors, and nothing really screamed out at me. So I decided to go with what I was most comfortable with, English.

Hitting Rock Bottom

Now I already know what you’re thinking. What can I possibly do with a degree in English? And no, I do not want to be a Teacher! It’s okay, I get asked that question at least twice a week. To be honest with you, at the time I changed my major, I asked myself the same thing. But I knew I loved writing, I just never saw myself making a living out of it, or at least I never really thought I could. English was always my favorite class throughout school, and I got tons of awesome feedback from those teachers. Math on the other hand was the subject that always laughed at my numerous failed attempts to get it right. You can just imagine my excitement when I took my last math course in school. When I initially made the switch, I still had every intention to go to Law School after my first degree. Then, one day the craziest thing happened, I had no idea what I wanted to do anymore. I was stuck between the idea of Law and Journalism for months. And you can already guess which one EVERYONE kept pushing me to stick to. But I guess my stubborn nature refused to give in because the more time that passed allowed me to see that my childhood dream was slowly diminishing. It may have something to do with the fact that I got a job in the Law School library and literally saw the pain in every student’s face that walked in. Perhaps it was even the fact that my brother started Law School and he didn’t make the journey seem that thrilling. I’m not quite sure, but all I know is, I no longer had a passion for it.

Discovering Your Purpose

Passion? What’s that all about anyway? The way I see it, there’s absolutely no point in spending all these years in school learning about things like Plato’s cave or how to solve for x, (which you’ll probably never use again by the way) only to end up spending the latter half of your life doing just another thing you’re not passionate about. So I really had to think about what I was doing, where I saw myself going. The problem was, I kept coming up with nothing. I was struggling for months trying to figure out why I was placed here, because yes, I do strongly believe in purpose. There’s a reason we’re all here, and I can bet that it isn’t to spend years in school specializing in something you don’t like, or working in an environment that is dissatisfying.

A Stroke of Insight

So after months of this ongoing battle, I think I’ve finally figured it out. I want to write. I wish I could tell you that I had some grand aha moment, or that God himself came to me in person and told me, but I’d be lying. Somewhere in between the countless English courses, and the nights I found myself engulfed in a novel, I realized this is what I wanted to do. Words are incredibly powerful to me, and there are so many incredible people out there whose words have changed my life. So let’s try this again: Where do I see myself in 10 years you ask? Changing somebody’s life with the words that I write. People make this big deal about finding your purpose, and how difficult it is. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Discovering your purpose is one of the easiest things you can do. Now whether you choose to live your life fulfilling that purpose is another ball game we’ll have to play later.

 Living on Purpose

There’s no special formula to discover your purpose, but there are some simple questions you can ask yourself to make the task a bit easier:

  • What are you passionate about/What do you love more than anything?
  • What do you find yourself doing most in your spare time?
  • What is something that you always find yourself criticizing? (Chances are, you’re meant to fix the problem.)
  • What’s that one thing you find absolute joy and comfort in doing?
  • What do you love so much that you’d do it for free?
  • What is your gift/talent? What sets you apart from everyone else?


Lastly, what was the main thing sticking out in your mind just now while you read those questions? I think you know where I’m going with this. So I’ll leave you with this for now. If you’re at the point where you haven’t made up your mind about what you want to do, or you’re struggling between different choices like I was, ask yourself those questions and hopefully, things will get a bit clearer for you. Also, prayer is your best weapon, use it. The minute you begin to put God first is the point at which he is able to lead you in the right direction. If you’ve already figured out your purpose, even better! Keep working at what you love every day until you find a way to turn your passion into a lifelong career. The worst thing you could do is knowing exactly why you were placed here, and do everything else with your time BUT that. I’m not trying to say the journey is easy, but with lots of prayer, little procrastination and constant determination, you’ll be surprised at the doors that open for you.

All the best!

Until Next Time…


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