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One of my absolute favorite things about giving gifts is how creative I can be with it. I’m not quite sure why so many people find gift giving such a drag. I mean, being able to make a loved one feel special through your thoughtful taste is such a delight! I’ve never been into the typical gifts for special occasions (where’s the fun in that?) I love to think of cool and creative ways to make people smile. I’ve done everything from simple customized T-Shirts to extravagant treasure hunts.

Specifically for this post, I wanted to switch things up a bit. So I know we’re accustomed to the usual roses and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but how about getting creative while still remaining within budget? Here are some easy, but unique ideas to woo your sweetheart on this special day!



For Her:

1) Customized Pillow 

2) Customized Phone Case with pictures

3) Mason Jar filled with hand written love notes 

For Him:

4) Watch

5) Shaving Kit with a cute twist 

6) Flask with a funny or sentimental message

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Is there some special rule that says you have to do dinner and a movie for Valentines Day? There are so many other great ways to enjoy your partner’s company. Here are some ideas that will show them that you’ve stepped outside the box a bit.

 7) Surprise your lady with a day at the spa/salon paid in full.

 8) Ladies, what man wouldn’t love some tickets to see his favorite sports team?

 9) Get dressed up, and prepare to have a night filled with laughter and fun at a comedy club near you.

I’d love to know what you think, or even some ideas you have of your own!

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