Sunday’s Best: Mixing Prints



Yet another great Sunday ! I hope everyone is feeling as blessed as I am. I was reminded today about the fruits of the spirit, in particular: LOVE. It is so vital to remember that being a Christian is way more than simply going to church week after week and “playing the part.” We must remember to always reflect the love of Christ by the way we relate to anyone we come in contact with. ||Spread love & light wherever you go||

In other news, I decided to play around with some patterns today. I absolutely adore these full tulle skirts! I’m definitely planning to pick up a few more. I paired it with this polka dot blouse and leopard print heels just for a little fun twist.

Quick Story:

Before I went into service, a lady stopped me in the bathroom to tell me that she’s had similar heels to mine for years, but she never knew what to pair it with. She then proceeded to tell me that now she realizes it can go with pretty much anything since she saw how well I pulled it off (her words, not mine!) Of course, I was happy for the compliment, but I was even happier to know I didn’t look crazy! Lol.

So next time you’re unsure, take my advice and take a risk! Stop shying away with solid colors and feeling like you have to match. Mix it up a bit, you may just be an inspiration to someone soon!


Blouse: F21

Skirt: Steps

Shoes: W Shoes

Necklace: J Crew

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