Blushing Bride Series: To Do List

The Blushing Bride Series

So let me tell you how I’m acting like I have 3 years until my big day. Lol! It’s crazy, I’m in a brides to be chat with a ton of future brides who seem to be so on top of everything. Meanwhile, I’m over here like…what’s for dinner? Lol. But to be honest, anyone who knows me can admit to the high I get from planning…pretty much anything! So as stressful as the entire ordeal is, it is quite fun to see everything coming together.

I think I got this whole to do list habit from my Mom, a good habit though to say the least. I tend to be extremely forgetful about things, so I’ve found these lists to be very helpful. So please forgive me if I post one too many of these. Here’s what I need to get done in the next week!



My goal is to have all these done by the end of next week. Please hold me to it!

Until Next Time…


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