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It feels so good to be home again! I arrived on Monday evening and will be here for 2 weeks and a few days. I usually spend the entire summer here, but I’m in the process of job hunting as well as having withdrawals from being away from my fiancé for too long. Lol.

I primarily came for my Grandpa’s funeral which is next week as well as simply to spend time with my family before adulthood entirely consumes me. As expected, it’s an extremely sensitive time for my family, but we’re all comforted by the fact that my Grandpa who was 90 when he passed, lived a full life and served humbly in ministry for too many years to count. Nonetheless, please keep our family in your prayers. It will be greatly appreciated.

I did some light shopping before I came and found this perfect little summer dress ! As you can tell by now, I LOVE dresses. I’ve particularly been adoring high neck lines with details such as this one which I think is the perfect way to jazz up any wardrobe.


Dress: KaRa New York

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