My Daily Reminder: You Are Enough


Can you think back to the exact moment you first felt inadequate? It could have been something your Mom or Dad told you, or a few years back when that teacher told you that you probably wouldn’t amount to anything. Or maybe it was your ex who constantly degraded you in every way possible. Whoever or whatever it was, somewhere along the way you lost sight of who you were.

Looking back I realize how many people I’ve allowed to tear me down. I recall being at a place where whatever you told me I was, that’s who I became. I was unsure of myself and unaware of the value that I possessed. When I choose to be open with you like this, it’s solely for the purpose to help someone else. I have no doubt that someone reading this feels like they’re not enough because it’s a struggle that a number of people face (so you can stop thinking you’re all alone in this) But I’ve got some good news for you. Some real good news.

You are enough.

And no, I’m not just saying that because it sounds good or to boost you up in any way. The plain truth is, you’re enough because you were created by God. From nothing but dust and love. There is nothing about you that should be altered simply because God makes no mistakes. The shape of your body, the size of your nose, the very freckles on your cheeks were intentionally given to you by your master. Everything about you is enough.

Don’t ever let anyone stay in your life who sees it fit to make you feel less than you are. You are worthy of the kind of love you would freely give to someone else. Live your life believing that you are enough. Whether you’re having the best day of your life or your most challenging day yet–whether you’ve already found the love of your life or you’re still waiting–whether there is nobody in your corner or you have the most amazing support system, none of that matters. Because with or without those things, all on your own–you are enough.

This is such an important phrase in my life now that has taken me through many of my not so good days. In the same way I do, I want to challenge you to look yourself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself those simple words. Let it be a constant reminder that puts you at ease. The minute you’re fully convinced of your value, you’ll never be the same again.

What’s something you try to tell yourself daily? I’d love to know!



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