5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Hey Dolls & Gents!

I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s day has always been one of my favorite days of the year. Whether I was single or in a relationship, the idea of celebrating love always excites me! Now that I’m married, I’m looking forward to spending my first ever Valentine’s day with my hubby. I know how many people share the common struggle of feeling pressured on Valentine’s day to ensure that their partner is buzzing with happiness and gratitude at the end of the night.

Well here I am, a genie in your bottle for the day if you’d like to call it. I heard your wish–you’re scrambling around trying to decide what to do. I’m hooking you up today with 5 answers–5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s day that doesn’t include simply spending a few extra bucks on flowers and heart shaped candy on your way home from work. {Uh oh..Did I just step on your toes?}

1) Make some fancy reservations…at home: Am I the only one who would much rather stay at home than be surrounded by too many couples who can’t put their PDA under manners ?? (LOL) Switch things up this year and transform your home into a 5 start restaurant. Have some fun with it and try some new dishes mixed in with some of your partner’s favorites. You can even design your very own menu and signature cocktails. The possibilities are endless with this idea as you have full control over the evening. Your creativity can run wild plus it doesn’t hurt that you won’t get kicked out after 3 hours!

2) Recreate your first date: If done right, this is guaranteed to put a smile on your partner’s face. It takes a little trip down memory lane and a lot of effort to make it just right, but it’s definitely worth it. Take your significant other to the first movie theater you went to, or reserve a table for 2 at the first restaurant you ate at. Whatever it was–plan a night living out the day you met the love of your life.

3) Take a road trip: Pack your bags and drive wherever the road leads you. Go to another city or a new town you’ve never been to. Whatever you choose, getting away for a weekend can be such a stress reliever and a refreshing change of scenery. Make sure to do some research on the place you decide to go and create an itinerary of activities for the weekend. Check out home away for a wide variety of vacation homes you can rent for the weekend.

4) Host a V-day Party: Gather a bunch of your closest friends, couples and singles alike and throw a little get together. Prepare some finger foods and drinks and have a a bunch of games ready for your guests. Throw some cheesy chick flicks into the mix and you’ll be sure to have a great night!

5) Volunteer: My hubby and I went to a children’s home about 2 years ago on Valentine’s day and it was an incredible experience! Every once in a while it’s important to recognize life outside of ourselves. Valenitine’s day can definitely become overwhelming when thinking of all the things you want to do for your significant other. However for that year, Brandon and I took the time out to put together little gifts with candy and personalized notes for each child. It was such a rewarding experience for us and it’s something we’ll never forget.


Have any other ideas you’d like to add? Let me know what you have planned this weekend! 🙂


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