Characteristics Of A Winner: Olympic Lessons


If the Olympic games have taught me anything so far, it would be that determination, passion, and dedication go a LONG way. Oh, and that I’m undoubtedly overjoyed to be a Jamaican! So I guess it’s really two things. LOL

For all my new subbies, I am indeed Jamaican! And it’s always in times like these when it really becomes a highlight of any conversation. In honor of the great athletic results of my “likkle but tallawah” island, I’ve really been thinking about what happens beyond the finish line. Putting aside ALL the gold medals we’ve swept up so far (yes, I have my bragging rights!) what really makes our athletes so great?

I mean, let’s face it– As much as we love watching the games and rejoicing in the great moments of world records and unbelievable teamwork, how many of us could really commit to the life of a world class athlete? The never-ending training sessions, the strict nutritional restrictions, and just the overall dedication that it takes to perfect your skill are just a few of the things that these athletes must intentionally practice daily.

With that being said, I really started to ask myself what it takes to be a winner. But not just the kind of winner that bolts across the finish line (see what I did there?) but the kind of champion who is just a natural winner in life. A person who thrives off success and doesn’t quit until their dreams are reality.

So I rounded up a few characteristics that a winner usually possesses:

  • Passion

In order to be a winner, you must first have a reason behind why you even want to win to begin with. This is where passion comes into play. As with anything we love, passion is what drives us to finish. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about quitting my blog, but then I think about how happy it genuinely makes me and how passionate I am about writing and I can’t bring myself to it. A passionate person will never leave the thing their passionate about.

  • Resilience

If defeat scares you, you’ll probably never be a winner. The greatest individuals have seen some of the hardest times. The difference however is how quickly they can bounce back from falling. It takes heart to be a true champion, but you know what they say–Fall seven times, stand up eight.

  • Discipline

Ahhh, this is a big one. Winners never lose sight of the end goal, and because of this they always follow the game plan. A big part of the secret that most successful athletes have is that they not only understand the importance of disciplining their bodies through practice, but also the significance of keeping their mind disciplined and focused enough to prioritize and get results. In order to stay on top, a winner will always stick to the plan.

  • Courage

It takes a lot of courage to be a champion. Mostly because of all the risks a winner takes. What if my business fails? What if my plan doesn’t go as planned? There are tons of negative outcomes that can be thought of, but winners go after their dreams regardless. Winners will always be willing to take chances.

Any other qualities you’d like to add?? Be sure to comment below!

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